An Ohio 4th and 5th Grade Endorsement = The New You!

With Notre Dame College’s elementary teaching 4th and 5th grade endorsement, your life is on the fast track towards success. Our specialized program opens the doors to a new future in countless industries and career options in just about any corner of the world. You might start here with us today, but your tomorrow has just become limitless. If you want an education degree that gives you an edge in the real world, then you’re in good hands with us.

Our unique 4th and 5th Grade Endorsement program trains you with the cutting-edge skills you need to make an impact in today’s ever changing education world. Our faculty works with you to help you you learn:

Language Arts topics include: clarifying ideas using graphic organizers, revisiting and refining writing, editing and revising to improve fluency, grammar, coherence, and clarity, writing formal and informal letters, writing informal reports, effective grammar, and oral and visual communication.

Social Studies topics include: Ohio history, transportation influences in Ohio, Early Industry, Immigration, and Conflicts, Ohio in the 20th Century, introduction to the geography of North America, Government and Citizenship in North America, Economics and Regions of North America.

Math topics include: number, number sense and operations; measurement; geometry and spatial sense; patterns, functions and algebra; data analysis and probability; and mathematical processes.

Science topics include: phonemic awareness, word recognition and fluency; acquisition of vocabulary; reading process: concepts of print, comprehension strategies and self-monitoring strategies; reading applications; writing application; writing conventions; research; and communication standards.


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