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8 Jobs You Can Land with a BSN Degree

Earning your RN to BSN online can open up career opportunities not available to those who hold only an associate nursing degree. Managerial and critical nursing positions seek candidates who are highly educated and experienced. Preference if typically given to nurses who have earned a bachelor’s or more advanced degree.

Ohio Nursing Resources

As a prospective nursing student, it’s important to understand that while education and work experience can get you far, having a few supporters in your corner can get you to the top.

Part I: Top Scholarships for RN to BSN Online Students

BSN-prepared nurses are in high demand across the nation. One way employers, organizations and the government are encouraging students to build on their credentials through continued education is by offering substantial nursing scholarships to lighten the financial burden of a nursing degree. All scholarships are not created equal, however. Many include specific eligibility requirements that… Read more »