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How to Cope with Your First Code

Managing trauma effectively can keep you on the job longer The life of a nurse in an emergency or trauma unit is unpredictable and can be stressful, especially for new nurses. In these units, you never know what medical emergency will come up that you will be called on to assist with throughout any given… Read more »

Rural vs. Urban Nursing in Hospitals

Rural vs. Urban

Small town health care can be quite different than big city medicine. For nursing professionals, this means your on-the-job responsibilities and level of care could be impacted based on your geographic location. And, whether you are a new nurse entering the field for the first time or a seasoned nurse seeking a career change, you… Read more »

Nursing Student Attributes Success to Support of Notre Dame College Faculty and Staff

  Student: David Budenbender Program: Online RN to BSN Program “At NDC, the syllabi were clear and to the point. The work was evenly proportionate to the outcome of achieving a baccalaureate degree.  The emphasis in correlating quality care at the bedside through discussion boards was of great value.”     Higher education isn’t for… Read more »

Breaking the Mold: Male nurse finds meaningful nursing career in corrections

Raul Duke earned his Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) in 2009 and is a registered nurse working at multiple facilities within the Kentucky Department of Corrections. As a male nurse, Duke is among the minority in a female dominated field. A survey published every four years by the U.S. Department of Health and Human… Read more »

Nursing Student Feels She Matters at Notre Dame College

Student: Deborah Jackson Program: Online RN to BSN Program “The RN to BSN program allows students in the program to pay their tuition after completing the course; this allows for employer reimbursement. I would choose Notre Dame College if I had to do it over again because I matter and my success is important to… Read more »

What Getting a BSN Degree Can Do for Your Career

Nurse and Patient

When it comes to nursing, this profession is one full of diversity. No matter the field a person looks at in the healthcare industry, there are almost always nursing occupations found. There are many ways to become a nurse, including the completion of the following programs: Certified Nursing Assistant Program Licensed Practical Nurse Program Registered… Read more »

How to Succeed in an Online Nursing Program

Success in most things is largely dependent on an individual’s ability to self-motivate. But, the tips below can be used as a blueprint to help you succeed in an online nursing program. 

Five Jobs for Nurses Outside of the Hospital

Health care is one of the fastest-growing industries in the nation. Although the aging baby boomer population is a major factor for the growth in the health care sector, the diversity and pervasiveness of health care positions is another leading cause. Nurses, doctors and other health care professionals work in environments you might not expect…. Read more »

Part II: Top Scholarships for RN to BSN Online Students

A guide to minority and specialty nursing scholarships for students Health care employers are looking to hire BSN-prepared nurses to bolster the level of quality patient care and treatment services at their facilities. For associate-prepared or licensed nurses, this means a return to higher education in order to qualify for new health care roles, including… Read more »

8 Jobs You Can Land with a BSN Degree

Earning your RN to BSN online can open up career opportunities not available to those who hold only an associate nursing degree. Managerial and critical nursing positions seek candidates who are highly educated and experienced. Preference if typically given to nurses who have earned a bachelor’s or more advanced degree.