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How to Balance Education and Your Nursing Career

As a registered nurse, you are probably no stranger to long work hours and a busy schedule. In fact, you might be wondering how you’re going to make going back to school fit into the equation. At Notre Dame College Online, we understand that prospective RN to BSN students are concerned about how to balance… Read more »

Graduation: What Happens Next?

    It’s no secret that nurses are in high demand in today’s health care job market. As a nurse who is considering earning your BSN degree, you likely understand that increased employability is one of the benefits of going back to school. However, jobs don’t just fall in your lap, no matter what degree… Read more »

All About Ohio’s Nursing 2015 Initiative

Ohio’s Nursing 2015 Initiative

The Ohio Nurses Association (ONA), Ohio Hospital Association (OHA) and the Ohio Organization for Nurse Executives (OONE) are coming together in the hopes of meeting an important goal: improving nursing in the state of Ohio. Just like the situation developing nationwide, Ohio is currently experiencing a variety of healthcare challenges. Changes in demographics, patient care… Read more »

5 Nurses in History Who Broke the Mold

The nursing field has been shaped by some powerful women who recognized the importance of patient care and the potential nurses had in making a difference in the medical community. Learn more about these nurses in history who broke the mold and reshaped the nursing field.  Considered the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale is… Read more »

Rules and Regulations Every Nurse Needs to Know

Nurse and patient

Nurses must follow rules and regulations to ensure quality care for patients Ethics are important in every career, regardless of the specific field a person may work in. It is just as important for elementary school teachers to follow rules in the classroom as it is for lawyers to pay close attention to regulations in… Read more »

Trends to Watch in Nursing

In a field as multifaceted and essential as nursing, it is important to stay informed about current trends so that you can provide the best possible patient care. Especially with the advances in technology that occur more rapidly than ever, both health care professionals and consumers experience constant changes when it comes to the practice… Read more »

What You Should Consider Before Choosing a BSN Program


Make sure the RN to BSN program you choose has everything you’re looking for. Choosing where to study for your RN to BSN degree is an important decision, one that requires research and a clear understanding of your own career goals. Because job opportunities for nurses with their BSN are growing all the time, continuing… Read more »

Nursing Associations in Ohio

The rapid growth of the nursing profession has created a high demand for nurses in the medical job market. Because there are plenty of opportunities out there, it’s important that you land the right one. Your connections, as well as meeting new contacts, can help you find the ideal opportunity. Because of this, we’ve put together… Read more »

Resources for Male Nurses in Ohio

Men have traditionally been a minority in the nursing field. In fact, there is a significant disparity between the numbers of male and female nurses working today. However, more and more men are choosing to pursue a career in nursing, taking advantage of the high demand for nurses in the medical job market. This demand,… Read more »

6 Tips to Stay Healthy as a Nurse

Nurses must take care of themselves in order to take care of others You likely chose a nursing career because you’re a natural nurturer and like to take care of others. And, like many nurses, you are passionate about delivering a high level of quality care and treatment to your patients every day. However, there… Read more »