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6 Tips for Acing your Nursing Interview

It’s normal to have feelings of nervousness before an interview. For many, it’s a high-pressure situation, and the constant worry of how to respond to each question can be frustrating. But there are plenty of ways to maneuver through interviews effectively. Take a look at these tips that include common nursing job interview questions and other advice. #6. Prepare your credentials before the interview Every… Read more »

Why Getting Your RN to BSN is Worth it

Some nurses may hesitate to seek their degree  for a variety of reasons: many say the degree is too expensive, while others are unable to participate in classes because of work.   To address concerns you may have, we provided a few reasons why getting your RN to BSN is worth it. Better Pay Although hospitals and health care facilities… Read more »

Where to Look for Hospital Nursing Jobs in Ohio


Considering the immense growth of the health care industry, finding the perfect role can be an overwhelming process. There are many nursing jobs in Ohio available, and it is very important to find a position in which you feel comfortable. If you choose to work in a hospital, there are plenty of tools to help… Read more »

Becoming a Nurse: How to Jump-Start Your Career

For nursing students, becoming a nurse is only the first step on the path to career success. Because of the nursing shortage, plenty of job opportunities exist for new graduates. According to the American Nursing Association, more than 50 percent of the nursing workforce is close to retirement. The country also continues to see a growth… Read more »

18 of the Best Apps for Nursing Students

As a registered nurse, you know that technology plays a central role in the health care industry. And if you are considering going back to school to earn your RN to BSN degree online, you understand that technology is important in nursing education. You can also use technology to meet your needs both at work and while studying. In fact, there… Read more »

4 Reasons Why Now is a Good Time to Earn Your RN to BSN

As a practicing registered nurse, you may be  considering going back to school to earn your BSN degree. This could be a good move because hundreds of hospitals around the country have started to require that their nurses have at least a bachelor’s degree. Even more hospitals say that they prefer to hire BSNs. You’re probably weighing pros… Read more »

How Nurses Play a Role in Preventive Care

Preventative Care Nursing

The rising cost of health care services have made preventative care a more valued service than in the past. Nurses are now required to help patients maintain their health rather than treating diseases and illnesses as they arise. This care can include regular checkups, screenings and immunizations as well as advice on maintaining a healthy… Read more »

Six Characteristics of the Best Nursing Jobs

Best Nursing Jobs

The demand for qualified nurses in the health care industry is not going unnoticed. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing positions are expected to grow by 19 percent over the next eight years. With so many openings, it’s important to know what to look for in a nursing job. That’s why we’ve put… Read more »

Mastering the RN to BSN Admissions Process

  Enrollment Counselor: Cullen Kuntz “The most helpful step a student can take when starting our admissions process is to set aside anxiety.  Continuing your education involves several fronts of effort.”   If it’s been awhile since you earned your RN, the idea of applying to college might seem overwhelming or intimidating. If so, we… Read more »

5 Signs of a Great Nursing Program

Nursing professionals who hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing are in high demand in today’s health care system. As a registered nurse, this is probably no secret to you. You may even be considering going back to school to earn your BSN and take advantage of the shortages in the nursing job market. With… Read more »