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Today’s Nurses Tomorrow’s Educators

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The nurse educator shortage facing the American health care system is not secret; it’s been widely discussed in major news outlets for several years. The shortage affects health care delivery, including how many people can be treated, the quality of treatment and the cost of treatment. But beyond the obvious issue of having fewer nurses available… Read more »

What Will I Study in NDC’s Nurse Educator Degree Program?

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Notre Dame College offers an online Master of Science in Nursing with a focus on nurse education. It is designed for nursing professionals who are looking to advance their career by becoming a nurse educator. With the Institute of Medicine calling for 80 percent of nurses to hold baccalaureate degrees by 2020, qualified educators are needed… Read more »

5 Nursing Education Jobs for MSN Nurses


While so much coverage of the “nursing shortage” has discussed the need for registered nurses, an even bigger shortage is looming. Our nursing schools are in desperate need of faculty. These staffing problems are limiting student capacity at a time when the need for nurses is sky high.

A Window into the Life of a Nursing Student


The need for nurses continues to grow, but so too do the educational requirements. An RN is no longer enough to advance your nursing career; instead, for an increasing number of positions, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing is required. Online programs can offer a flexible and convenient way for working RNs to earn a BSN… Read more »

NDC Nursing Faculty Spotlight: Getting to Know Dr. Patrice McCarthy


Instructors and faculty make a big difference when it comes to education. As a nurse deciding on an online university, you want to know that you are being taught and led by individuals who are experts in their field and who have extensive experience in what they do. At Notre Dame College, our expert nursing faculty… Read more »

Eating Healthy Plays a Role in Disease Prevention


Kale chips, green juice, chia pudding. It’s likely that you’ve seen recipes for foods like these on your Pinterest page, Facebook news feed or in your favorite magazine. However, the same couldn’t be said three or even five years ago. Food is trendy, and as scientists continue to do research on nutrition and its role in disease… Read more »

15 Nursing Quotes to Inspire You

A deep love for nurses has produced hundreds of nursing quotes commending the healthcare professionals who care for us in times of need. If you are a nurse or simply share this appreciation for nurses, the sentiments in the quotes that follow certainly resonate. Just how respected are nurses? According to the annual Gallup survey… Read more »

6 Tips for Acing your Nursing Interview


It’s normal to have feelings of nervousness before an interview. For many, it’s a high-pressure situation, and the constant worry of how to respond to each question can be frustrating. But there are plenty of ways to maneuver through interviews effectively. Take a look at these tips that include common nursing job interview questions and other advice. #6. Prepare your credentials before the interview Every… Read more »

Why Getting Your RN to BSN is Worth it

Some nurses may hesitate to seek their degree  for a variety of reasons: many say the degree is too expensive, while others are unable to participate in classes because of work.   To address concerns you may have, we provided a few reasons why getting your RN to BSN is worth it. Better Pay Although hospitals and health care facilities… Read more »

Where to Look for Hospital Nursing Jobs in Ohio


Considering the immense growth of the health care industry, finding the perfect role can be an overwhelming process. There are many nursing jobs in Ohio available, and it is very important to find a position in which you feel comfortable. If you choose to work in a hospital, there are plenty of tools to help… Read more »