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Understanding Notre Dame College Accreditations

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When you are researching which college or university to attend, accreditation is arguably the most important aspect to look for. A school’s accreditation status is what ensures that you’re getting an education that meets quality standards. Institutions are accredited based on adherence to academic standards, and it is required for participation in federal and state… Read more »

Your Admissions Roadmap to Success [Infographic]

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So you’ve decided which program at NDC is right for you. The decision probably involved a lot of research and maybe even some soul searching, but you’re excited about your choice and ready to enroll. Now what? The admissions process probably seems a little overwhelming to you right now—that’s where we come in. To make… Read more »

Scholarships for NDC Online Students

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Be sure to take advantage of the scholarships available to NDC Online students. At Notre Dame College, we understand that you are making a substantial investment when you make the decision to go back to school. You’re putting not only just your time, but also your hard-earned money into meeting your personal and professional goals. Though career advancement ultimately… Read more »

Meet Kelsey Cross – Your Online Program Advisor

Kelsey Cross – Online Program Advisor

  Online Program Advisor: Kelsey Cross “I really enjoy the challenge of helping students work through the pros and cons of their education decisions so that they can make plans effectively for their individual situation.”   Returning to college to finish your a degree or to start your academic journey can be intimidating for many prospective… Read more »

How to Balance Your Life When Going Back to School


It’s important to manage your time since school isn’t your only priority It may surprise you to hear that one of the most challenging things about going back to school is not the courses or workload—it’s trying to fit your education into your already busy schedule. With work commitments, family and other personal demands on… Read more »

Why Choose Notre Dame College Online?


Deciding which online college to attend is an important choice that all students have to make. When exploring online programs, it is important to keep in mind what benefits each school offers its students. Notre Dame College online understands the unique needs of its online students and works to provide the resources and tools you… Read more »

Meet Amy Hancock—Your Online Program Advisor

Amy Hancock

  Online Program Advisor: Amy Hancock “I have a huge passion for helping others become successful individuals, which is why I truly love my job as a lead online program advisor!”     Continuing your education can be a daunting prospect, but with the right support, completing an online degree program can be straightforward and beneficial…. Read more »

Online vs. On-campus: The Adult Learner

Online vs. On-Campus

Students have increasingly chosen online education in recent years. In fact, online enrollment is now growing at a faster rate than traditional, on-campus enrollment.  Higher education is expanding on all fronts, but especially for adult learners, as less undergraduate students are of traditional college age. The education system is accommodating the needs of modern students… Read more »

CBS Radio Free Lunch


Join NDC Online at the CBS Radio Free Lunch 

Earn a Career-Focused Degree at Notre Dame College


Online college degree positions graduates for an advanced career A college degree is the first step toward achieving a rewarding career—not just a job. Notre Dame College offers prospective students career-focused degrees to put them on track for meaningful professions with higher earning potential and room for career advancement.