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How to Become an Instructional Coordinator

There are many career paths open to those who have earned an online masters degree in education. One of the most lucrative positions for M.Ed. graduates is that of instructional coordinator. The median pay for these professionals is $58,830 and opportunities for employment are projected to grow at a rate of 20 percent through 2020. […]


How to Become a School Principal

School principals at elementary, middle and high schools oversee the day-to-day functions of a school. They set goals for the school and monitor progress toward those goals. Their role in the school district is ongoing, and many even work in the summer when school is out.


How to Become a Special Education Teacher

Special education teachers have one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, careers in education. It takes extra compassion and patience to succeed and find enjoyment in this career. Special education teachers may work in public or private schools; requirements may vary depending on school status.


Six Reasons to Earn a Master’s in Education Online

Investing in your future through continued education is almost always a good idea. No matter what field you are in, you almost always stand to gain something by earning an advanced degree—be it a promotion, a raise or just more respect around the workplace.

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Ohio’s Special Education Reform

Nationwide, the number of students with disabilities is increasing. In the face of budget cuts and special education teacher shortages, these vulnerable children run the risk of being left behind. In Ohio, efforts are being made to ensure compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and provide an education for all students.

Ohio Teachers Don't Require Masters

Ohio Eliminates Master’s Degree Requirement for Teachers

The Value of a Master’s Degree in the Classroom Professionals considering a career transition or current teachers who are looking to renew their professional state teaching license are no longer required to earn a master’s degree according to recent Ohio legislation. However, there is still tremendous value in earning a graduate degree for a career […]

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Ohio Schools Experience Change in Student Demographics

Diversity in the Classroom Ohio is firmly planted in the Midwest; however, the face of the state has been steadily changing in correlation with demographic shifts spurred partly by immigration. These changes can clearly be seen in Ohio classrooms. Public schools across the state are experiencing tremendous diversification as students from various countries, speaking different […]


Ohio Ranks Among the Top States for Teachers

You Should Be Teaching In Ohio “We can teach from our experience, but we cannot teach experience.” – Sasha Azevedo The best teachers aren’t born out of an expensive degree. They are built as a result of their passion to educate and share their experiences with a new generation of students. Working professionals in search […]


Connecting With Students, Parents and the Community

Beyond Your School: Principals foster school spirit, unite community through involvement A principal’s role goes beyond school walls. Principals encourage high levels of academic achievement, maintain facility operations, enforce discipline and foster effective communication between faculty and parents. Principals establish a positive school culture that promotes relationships between students, parents,

DREAMer Deportation Waivers Spur Demand for ESL Teachers

Young immigrants seek American education As of late this summer, young adults brought to the U.S. illegally as children can now apply for a two-year deportation waiver, according to Department of Homeland Security regulations. Candidates must meet the following requirements: Arrived in the U.S. prior to age 16 Currently under age 30 Has lived in […]

Plugging Into the Classroom

Introducing technology into the classroom improves student performance Today’s generation of students are plugged in and logged on the newest tech gear. Computer programs and social networking sites are changing the way students receive and process information. Teachers must adapt to the shifting educational environment by incorporating the latest technologies into daily lesson plans to […]

Masters in Education: New Challenges in the Classroom

Teachers face a complex learning environment, from learning disabilities to behavioral issues Many educational systems throughout the country are creating all-inclusive learning environments that integrate students at various academic and social levels into one general classroom for a robust educational experience. Today’s teachers must prepare for the challenges of a diverse classroom to create an […]

Counting Down the Top 10 Principals on Screen

Whether you loved them or loved to hate them, high school principals are some of Hollywood’s most memorable characters, and they have made a lasting impact in pop culture. Many of these audacious principals were the bane of teenagers’ existence, while others became endearing mentors to their Hollywood students. While the real world is usually […]

Move Out of the Classroom by Earning a Masters in Education Online

Advanced degree qualifies teachers for administration careers Education in America is at a turning point. As the global economy continues to grow, many foreign countries are outperforming and outpacing American students in the classroom. The United States’ recent ranking of “average” in an international education ranking report released by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development […]

Climb the Industry Ladder With an Online Masters in Education

Masters in Education online degrees accelerate your career growth Teachers often enter the field of education with a desire to make a difference in the lives of children. Teachers go into the profession knowing they will not earn much money or achieve prestigious executive titles. Teachers enter the profession simply because of their intrinsic passion […]

Part 2: An M.Ed. With a Reading Endorsement

Focused on Literacy in School Systems Master of Education builds stronger teacher with advanced pedagogy skills Literacy in America continues to flounder as the adult literacy rate continues its downward trend and as early childhood development reaches a plateau. Literacy specialists can facilitate a dynamic and effective learning environment for students while helping them to […]

Part 1: Teachers with Passion for Literacy Choose Reading Endorsement

Masters in Education online delivers specialized endorsement Literacy is an important component in the development and education of a child. Students at all grade levels, however, often struggle with this most basic educational element. School systems across the country therefore need certified literacy specialists not only to assist struggling readers, but also to establish effective […]

Excel in the Classroom With a Masters Degree in Education

Advanced degree expands pedagogy methods for enhanced learning experience The education sector is growing in complexity from pre-K through secondary education systems as the United States tries to keep up with the competitive global education system. New testing standards have added to the rigorous expectations for both students and teachers in today’s classroom. The technology […]

A Master in Education Online Eases Stress of College

Teachers can advance their careers from home Earning a master’s degree can position professionals for immense career growth and development through the acquisition of new skills, qualifications and knowledge; however, the stress of juggling classes, coursework and exams with established commitments to work, family, church and friends can sometimes seem like too much. For teachers […]

NDC Offers Master Degree Education Online With Reading Endorsement

Graduate students can choose between specialized programs Many states and school districts now require teachers to earn a master’s degree in education to continue their careers in education. While many states allow schools to hire teachers who have just a bachelor’s degree, the teachers are then obliged to meet educational requirements within a given time […]

NDC’s Accredited Online M. Ed. Degree Delivers Academic and Occupational Success

Graduate degree program is offered 100 percent online Notre Dame College (NDC) is nationally recognized for developing qualified educational professionals who are prepared to enter the classroom and engage students in dynamic, interactive and challenging curriculum designed to broaden their horizons and enhance their futures. NDC offers a variety of certificates and degrees created for […]

Notre Dame College Offers Accredited Online Masters Education Degree Program

Students learn core competencies to improve pedagogy methods More and more people are looking to earn a master’s degree in education whether or not their state requires it for teaching licensure. Most teachers feel the added educational credential provides them with advanced pedagogy methods that enhance their teaching style and improve their classroom performance. However, […]