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What You Need to Know About Common Core Implementation

One of the biggest changes to education in the  United States in recent years is the introduction of Common Core State Standards. This new set of standards affects K–12 students and creates uniform learning guidelines for schools across the country. However, this large-scale overhaul is not without its detractors and controversies. Starting with the 2014–2015 school year, Common Core implementation… Read more »

Education Graduate Received the Support She Needed at Notre Dame College

  Student: Traci Adeen Program: Mater of Education “Balancing work, school and family can be challenging. NDC helped to maintain this balance by providing me with professors who are professional, prepared and have realistic expectations. “ Deciding to go back to school can be intimidating if you’ve been out of the academic system for a… Read more »

Then and Now: How the Classroom has Changed

Shifts in technology, home life and learning methods are changing how you teach Today’s educators are teaching in a different academic climate than years past. Powered by new technology, classrooms are becoming complex education centers for a diverse student body, and a narrowing focus on global rankings has accelerated curriculum across grade levels raising the… Read more »

TEEL Student has Gained Confidence for the Classroom at Notre Dame College

  Student: Katie Galloway Program: Teacher Education Evening Licensure “Notre Dame College has allowed me to follow my dreams and make a profession of doing something I love. The classroom knowledge I have gained is something I will cherish. With the help of Notre Dame College, I now have to confidence to go into any early childhood… Read more »

What You Need to Know about Ohio’s Educator License Exams

Licensing tests measure knowledge, skills; preps future educators Ohio, like most states, has established a distinct licensing process for its teachers. However, as of September 2013, exam requirements for would-be Ohio educators have drastically changed. A new test series has been designed to take the place of the Praxis II Series, which is a national-based… Read more »

Life after your Master’s: Interview with a Teacher

Odds are you’re going to need a master’s degree in education if you’re hoping to become a teacher. No matter where you decided to go to school, what you earned your bachelor’s degree in, or whether you choose to earn your online master’s degree in education or on campus, after six or more years of preparing for… Read more »

Online Education Courses You Didn’t Expect with Your Degree

Notre Dame College offers quality curriculum for unique education programs Notre Dame College offers unique online education programs for current and would-be teachers looking to build a stronger foundation for a career in the classroom through a bachelor’s degree in education. Our programs meet your educational needs in order for you to achieve your professional… Read more »

Why Becoming a Teacher is Worth It

Each teacher is called to his or her vocation for their own unique reason. Teaching is more than just a job; it is a calling and a passion. While the salary a teacher commands is a hot-button issue in our country, there’s no denying that the work they do is invaluable.

The Common Denominator: Shared Traits of Great Teachers

Teaching isn’t easy. Teachers put a lot on themselves and dedicate a great deal of their energy into what they do. While some people may naturally have a disposition that suits the occupation well, other teachers need to work on developing and honing certain traits. True, teaching styles differ from teacher to teacher, but there… Read more »

How to Become an Elementary School Teacher

Teachers shape the minds of our children and prepare them to become successful adults. The role they play in forming the future of our nation cannot be overstated. This noble profession calls to those who possess immense patience, understanding and passion, as well as a love of knowledge.