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Shattered: Business Administration’s Glass Ceiling

women financial pay share

Women hold high-powered roles in today’s workplace. We examine the skills needed to excel in leadership roles for both males and females. Since the 1980s, more women have successfully entered the workforce and risen to top positions. In today’s world, many women seek business administration degrees and work in high-level positions. Currently, 21 of the… Read more »

Job Jumps and Career Changes [Infographic]


Millions of millennials leave their college nests behind and venture into the workforce each year, but they aren’t sticking to their jobs the way previous generations did. Due to contrasting values and needs from their predecessors, employers must understand what this new generation is looking for in a company and strive to meet those expectations.

Focused on You!


Notre Dame College professors possess terminal degrees and have extensive expertise in their respective professional domains. .