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7 Scholarships for Ohio Business Students

The LAGRANT Foundation

Now is a better time than ever to earn a business degree. Whether they choose to pursue a career in finance, management, human resources or another area of business, students are enrolling in online business programs because of the versatility and employability they provide. But no matter how smart of a move it is to… Read more »

5 Reasons to Get a Business Degree

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A business degree prepares opens up career opportunities Largely because of how applicable it is to many industries, business degrees are always a popular choice among students of both online and traditional institutions. Every company and organization relies on the principles of business to be successful. As a result, professionals with an impressive business background… Read more »

Organizations for Business Students in Ohio and Beyond

Business is one of the most versatile fields, both in study and in practice. Because the business industry is constantly developing in response to the global market, business professionals and students form organizations and associations for support. These associations provide information, networking opportunities and support for members. Whether you are a current business professional or… Read more »

What is a Business Degree Really Worth?

Salary growth

A business degree can help you climb the salary ladder. When deciding whether to continue your education with a college degree, one of the most important questions to consider is whether a degree track holds value in today’s job market. The return on investment and career advancement that a degree brings with it are significant… Read more »

Ohio Third Frontier Initiative: What it Means for Business

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Third Frontier is helping Ohio tech businesses grow Founded in 2002, the Third Frontier project is an economic development initiative put into place by Ohio to expand research and technology in the state. The project has more than two billion dollars in funding and implements a long list of programs as part of its plan… Read more »

Top 10 Kickstarter Projects in Ohio

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Kickstarter is helping businesses in Ohio raise funds to get their business started. Modern business students take a lively interest in the business community around them. Local and small business ventures are experiencing a growing popularity in recent years, and this growth has led to the introduction of websites like Kickstarter. Kickstarter provides a platform… Read more »

Courses in NDC’s Online Business Program Prepare You for Success

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Online business courses lead students to successful careers including real estate agents.  When completing a business degree, it is important that the courses you take are preparing you for real-world situations in the business industry. Problem solving, critical thinking and innovation are all important business skills that are applicable to a variety of business careers. In… Read more »

Top 10 Fortune 500 Companies in Ohio


Ohio plays important role in business world Each year, FORTUNE Magazine compiles the top 500 U.S. companies based on revenue. This year, 27 Ohio companies made the list. This is exciting for Ohioans in general, but business professionals should be especially proud of this accomplishment. At Notre Dame College (NDC), we understand that success in… Read more »

Business Administration: Managing a Remote Workforce


Today’s workforce is changing as more employees opt to work from home. In fact, about 10 percent of employees regularly work from home according to a study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research. These workers utilize flex time and create their own schedule to better fit their busy lifestyle, forcing managers to oversee… Read more »

The Sense of Self-Defense [Infographic]


In the threat of an assault, a good self-defense can be a great offense. Unfortunately, in this day and age, women are often still the target of muggings, assaults, and violence. Knowledge and routines, combined with common sense and a few select weapons of defense, can go a long way to guarding against these attacks…. Read more »