Top 10 Kickstarter Projects in Ohio

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Kickstarter is helping businesses in Ohio raise funds to get their business started.

Modern business students take a lively interest in the business community around them. Local and small business ventures are experiencing a growing popularity in recent years, and this growth has led to the introduction of websites like Kickstarter. Kickstarter provides a platform from which independent, creative project ideas can raise funding and get off the ground. It puts the power of investment and creation back in the hands of individuals and gives them a direct influence, making the projects they believe in happen.

The Ohio business community is thriving, as a quick look at Kickstarter illustrates. There are many exciting projects based out of local Ohio cities, and your opportunities for investing in new ventures have never been better. Business students and professionals are always interested in the business community around them, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular Kickstarter projects in Ohio to highlight the thriving industry in our state. To get you even more involved in the Ohio business community, we’ve also included information about Notre Dame College’s online business programs.

1. This is How I Remember It – An Exhibition at ROYGBIV Gallery by Mark Reamy

Creator Mark Reamy is seeking funding for his upcoming exhibition at ROYGBIV Gallery in Columbus, Ohio. His art exhibition consists of 35mm slide film that he stacks together in order to create new, composite scenes. He is seeking backing to cover production costs.

2. Hydroponic Automation Platform Initiative (HAPI) by Tyler Reed

The purpose of this project is to produce clean, organic, local food. HAPI has designed and built the systems required in order to produce this high-quality food at minimal cost. Funds generated from this Kickstarter campaign will be used to expand their facility, which is located in the Columbus Idea Factory. Proceeds will also be used to build community-scale food production facilities.

3. Pico: All-Metal Hotend for RepRap 3D Printers by B3 Innovations, LLC

This project features a premium, fully assembled hot-end to be used in RepReap 3D printers. The design allows for printing over plastic materials up to 300 degrees Celsius. Kickstarter funding goes toward manufacturing the hot-end in high quantities in order to reduce cost.

4. InTuition Pencil by e4 Labs

The InTuition mechanical pencil is made of carbon fiber and is both high-quality and high-functioning. Funding will be used to manufacture and purchase the pencils.

5. Sweets on the Streets by Coni Brigner

This project is based on the introduction of a dessert food truck for the Dayton, Ohio, area. The truck would feature cakes, bread puddings, fudge, brownies, doughnuts, cupcakes, crepes, cookies, coffee cakes, candies and pastries that are baked fresh daily. Funding will be used for the purchase of a truck and equipment installation.

6. Steampunk World: A multicultural steampunk fiction anthology by Steven Saus

A diverse steampunk anthology written by a group of award-winning authors, this project provides a view of global steampunk culture. Funding will go toward paying the authors, cover artist and editor as well as producing the book.

7. FLYUP Fitness – get a great workout anywhere by Brent Kruithof

This project features a portable home gym that will be made and manufactured in the Midwest. The FLYUP allows for a variety of exercises that can be done anywhere. Kickstarter funding will be used to purchase the tooling and produce the product.

8. White Bread Shield for Arduino by Mark Davidson

This project is based on the White Bread Shield for Arduino, which is a prototyping board that is designed to be used as either an Arduino Shield or a standalone board. Funding for this project will be used to produce and ship the White Bread Shield.

9. Cinci Superfoods: Organic Food Truck by Rian Heist

This Kickstarter project is for a food truck that will serve the Cinncinatti area and focuses on organic foods and gourmet recipes. Funding goes toward purchasing the truck and paying for operating costs.

10. RiotforRomance: Out of this World Activewear and Accessories by Rachel Frisby

RiotforRomance is a startup activewear brand that mixes unique textile designs with emerging fashion techniques. The collection was made from False-Color Infrared Photography taken at local Ohio parks. Funding for this project will be put towards printing fabric and creating clothing items to be sold at various music festivals.

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