Currently, NDC offers an online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Students in NDC’s online psychology program develop a deep understanding of human behavior. A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology prepares students to begin their career or advance to a master’s program. Graduates gain the skill set needed to think critically and apply their education to their professional and personal lives.

Online Psychology Program

Psychology Careers

More career opportunities await graduates with a B.S. in Psychology than working directly in the psychology field. The communication, critical thinking and research skills learned as you pursue this degree open up a diverse range of career opportunities. The following careers are just some of the options that psychology students like you can pursue after graduation.

  • Market researchers gather information on local, regional, national and even global markets, then prepare reports to present to clients. They predict the sales of a particular product or service in a given marketplace to determine profitability. Market researchers may work closely with marketers to create campaigns based on their findings.
  • Corporate recruiters find qualified candidates for positions within an organization. Their work involves screening applicants, training new hires and publicizing job openings to relevant outlets. Corporate recruiters are usually part of the human resources department of a company.
  • Corporate trainers create and carry out professional development programs to improve efficiency and profitability within an organization. This includes working closely with the employees of a company to determine training needs and areas that can be improved.
  • Assistant account executives work closely with account executives to meet the needs of clients. Professionals in this role are usually assigned specific clients that they work with long-term. The responsibilities of assistant account executives include making marketing strategy recommendations and executing client projects.
  • Advertising sales representatives handle the transactions involved in selling advertising space to businesses. Their work involves contacting both potential and current clients to make sales presentations. Most sales representatives in the advertising industry also maintain specific client accounts.
  • Probation officers help individuals fulfill the requirements of their probation. This can mean providing them with access to rehabilitation services, arranging treatment programs and meeting with clients on a regular basis to monitor their progress.

Furthermore, if students decide to continue their education and work directly in the field of psychology, they can find themselves in some of the following careers:

  • Counseling psychologists offer advice to patients dealing with problems at home, in the workplace or community. In most states, psychologists are not permitted to prescribe medicine.
  • Developmental psychologists study developmental patterns exhibited in humans through different stages of life, although most tend to focus on children and adolescents. Increasingly, developmental psychologists study and address issues pertaining to aging and the elderly.
  • Industrial-organizational psychologists deal specifically with issues in the workplace, such as worker productivity, employee morale and training and managerial styles.
  • Forensic psychologists assist the courts in understanding psychological evidence presented in a trial; they are often called as expert witnesses. Most specialize in a specific branch of the court system, such as criminal, civil or family court.
  • School psychologists work with students to overcome learning and behavioral problems. They also counsel students and their families when a problem presents itself in the school environment. School psychologists may also suggest teaching methods to target different learning styles.
  • Neuropsychologists work with patients who have experienced head trauma and brain injuries. Neuropsychologists study how the structure and functions of the brain affect behavior.