Change your career or earn needed credentials to take your teaching career further through the online education programs offered at Notre Dame College. Notre Dame College provides accelerated and accessible degree, endorsement and licensure options for professionals seeking an enhanced career in education.

Online Education Programs

Careers in Education

Careers in teaching are determined by your level of education. While a master’s degree is no longer required for teachers in Ohio, it is a preferred credential among most school administrators when hiring new teachers. A master’s degree can also help qualify you for leadership positions within the school system and provides advanced pedagogy and skills that can enhance your classroom. Education careers can include the following:

  • Early childhood educators teach and care for children between the ages of 3 to 5 prior to their entrance into elementary school. Early childhood educators will focus on developmental skills to prepare children for elementary school, including reading, writing and science as well as social behaviors.
  • Elementary school teachers provide children with the necessary building blocks for academic excellence in secondary education settings. Teachers of this age group will provide students with a more in-depth understanding of core subjects, including math and reading.
  • High school teachers prepare students for life after graduation by teaching students academic lessons needed whether the student is entering the workforce or attending college after high school.
  • School administrator, or principal, manage the daily operations of a school, including leading teachers and other staff members, evaluating curriculum, manage budgets, meet with parents, discipline students and more.

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