Today’s high-alert safety climate is creating a new demand for criminal justice professionals who have advanced security specializations, including intelligence analysis, emergency management and homeland security. Professionals with a degree or certificate in security policy studies may qualify for the following advanced criminal justice careers at the local, regional or federal level:

  • Cybersecurity specialists protect computer networks and subsequent data that are connected to the Internet. Many of these specialists will work for large corporations or government offices to protect against dangerous breaches of technological infrastructures. The job outlook is very strong for cybersecurity specialists, as today’s global economy continues its reliance on technology and the Internet.
  • Border patrol agents are based along the northern and southern borders of the U.S. to ensure that people who are trying to illegally enter the country. Border patrol agents also prevent people from bringing things into the country illegally, such as weapons, drugs and manufactured goods in and out of the country.
  • Transportation security screeners work in airports, rail stations, ports and other transportation hubs and screen passengers, baggage and other cargo for compliancy with Transportation Security Administration regulations.
  • Intelligence analysts examine classified and unclassified information to forecast criminal activities, including potential acts of terrorism. Intelligence analysts work in the field, often assisting law enforcement, policy makers and military leaders fight against terrorism and other criminal behaviors that drastically affect the safety of the nation. Intelligence analysts use advanced surveillance equipment, technology and other resources to develop proactive homeland security strategies.
  • Public health specialists are needed in the nation’s military to work in the field or on bases to promote the health and wellness of soldiers and other staff members. A public health specialist will develop and manage health care plans and strategies for their communities and will serve as a health care education resource. In a military setting, public health specialists may be called on to inspect food, monitor workplace safety, examine sanitary standards and control communicable diseases.

The job outlook for most homeland security positions is strong, as the criminal justice field continues to expand in scope and grow in technological complexity.
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