Whether you’re looking to start a new career or advance in your current field, earning a business degree online can help you achieve your goals. Students enrolled in Notre Dame College’s online business programs develop strong business administration skills that prepare them to think critically, evaluate important issues and analyze complex processes. Graduates go on to become creative, dynamic and morally responsible business leaders.

NDC offers two degree programs as well as a Certificate in Competitive (Business) Intelligence, so students at any professional level can excel in business.

Online Business Programs

Careers in Business

Business is a broad and diverse field. Graduates of NDC’s online business programs are prepared to take on a variety of business positions within various industries. It can be challenging for graduates to find the role best suited for them; however, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has published a guide for business majors to assist in the process. Highlights of this report are below.

  • Business consultants, also called management analysts, strive to improve their clients’ operations. They pinpoint problems within a business and solve these issues to enhance performance, efficiency, structure and profits.
  • Financial analysts determine clients’ investment risk, analyze industry trends and make predictions. Financial analysts also develop technical reports on the basis of their research that often include investment tips and recommendations.
  • Management trainee positions are ideal for graduates unsure of the field in which they would like to work. Management trainees often work in several departments within a company, as rotational assignments help them discover where their best fit lies.
  • Advertising and promotional managers develop promotional goods for a client. They oversee the big picture behind an advertising campaign and shape the campaign to meet their clients’ business goals.
  • Budget analysts review financial reports and check for accuracy, completeness and compliance to a company’s policies. They work to control spending and ensure financial accountability.
  • Sales managers work as a liaison between a good or service and the customer. They also set goals and quotas for their sales team, as well as develop training initiatives for employees. Sales managers are also responsible for analyzing sales data to maximize selling potential.


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